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Pakistan’s cyberspace at the mercy of hackers

In 2016, the then government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz introduced a set of controversial cybercrime laws that were widely criticised for posing a grave threat to online free speech. But in their apparent preoccupation with criminalising dissent on cyberspace, the brains behind the legislation seem to have forgotten one crucial aspect of cybercrime prevention: cybersecurity...CONTINUE READING

Why global collaboration is needed to protect against a new generation of cyber threats

The internet is a vastly complicated patchwork of protocols, data and codes, which only a limited number of true tech geeks really understand. And yet it pervades our day-to-day lives on a scale no one could have envisaged when the world wide web was created only 30 years ago. New technologies and applications are arising...CONTINUE READING

Introducing Data Security: Why is it Important for Every Organization?

Data Security is the process of protecting digital data from breach, corruption, loss, or unauthorized access during its lifecycle. Every person and organization knows about it; however, it’s not uncommon to hear about accidents like data attacks or breaches, cyber attacks, or other forms of disasters.So, the question arises: why does a data disaster happen? It’s next...CONTINUE READING

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is an interactive illusion of free will

Charlie Brooker’s anthology series, Black Mirror is known for exploring the dark side oftechnology with an appetite for the bleak and satirical. Each episode serves as a cautionary tale on how technology of today could be the end of us tomorrow, but what makes the show so intriguing are the increasingly creative and compelling stories that each episode is...CONTINUE READING

IT in Pakistan: challenges and solutions

For the last two decades, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have come a long way in the world and Pakistan has not lagged too far behind. Today in Pakistan, there are about 140 million telephone connections and about 48 million broadband internet subscribers, predominantly relying on 3G and 4G mobile technologies. After a somewhat delayed...CONTINUE READING

Expert Professional Information Technology (IT) Services Pakistan

Looking for an experienced and Professional Information Technology person aware of Government procedures and policies regarding public tendering and bidding processes. Well versed with contract management techniques. To manage the contracts with the implementing IT firms. This will involve establishing commitments with the contractor, and tracking and reviewing the contractor’s performance and results. This exercise...CONTINUE READING

What is the difference between information technology and computer science & engineering?

Several people gave their perspective. I still believe that the answer was not clearly or fully answered, so I will try to give my perspective. The definition I will use for Computer Science (CS) will be the one used by most of the Top 100 universities in the world rankings. Many other universities will follow...CONTINUE READING